Meet the Founders of the Online Auction Learning Center

Chris Bowser

Adam BowserHi there, my name is Chris Bowser. My brother Adam and I are the Co-Founders of The Online Auction Learning Center, an educational organization committed to using quality education and training to significantly and positively impact the lives of our students all around the world.

We started this educational portal to provide clarity and vision in the sea of mis-information that surrounds the online auction space.

For the past 10 years Adam and I have earned a full time income selling products on the internet through online auction websites like Amazon & eBay. What started 10 years ago as a hobby, has evolved into the educational program you are seeing today.

While working my way through college, I became frustrated trying to "earn" a living and enlisted the help of my brother Adam, who at that point was still in high school. Together we proceeded to do what many view as impossible, We built a business buying all types of products in bulk and at discount and then reselling them on online websites like eBay & Amazon.

Having parents that owned a fish market was definitely a key factor in why we believed we could do anything we set our minds to. Growing up working in a family business taught us the value of hard work and we both attribute that to a defining roll in the success that we have had.

In all honestly, in the back of our minds, Adam and I figured that some day we would take over that fish market. To our delight selling products on eBay & Amazon came a lot easier and a lot more profitable.

I want to stress to you that I've never been "the internet guy". Adam and I started selling things we had lying around our house on eBay because we needed the money! We started selling old pairs of shoes, old clothes, old baseball equipment...and from there it just grew. Before we knew it, we were buying products at discount and then reselling them on eBay & Amazon for huge profits.

Over the past 15 years together, Adam and I have sold Millions of Dollars in product through online auctions. We've grown from selling products out of our parent's basement, into a 5,000 sq ft. warehouse in Rockland, MA. From selling old baseball cards to selling tens of millions of dollars in products. But we have reached a point in our business where there is no way we can sell enough product for the demand that exists on ebay alone! There are tens of thousands of products sold daily. The natural migration of our business was to either A, compete against walmart with a bigger warehouse, or B, help empower others, just as our parents empowered us.


From Ambition to Meaning

One of the biggest questions we get still is, "if you know all of this, why aren't you just using it for yourself, and why are you sharing your secrets with us?". The answer is simple. There is no way any one person or company could EVER sell all of the products on online auctions. That is the exact reason they were created. To balance the power of selling. But beyond that, we have reached a point in our business where as I mentioned above, we are moving to creating our legacy for our business. Until you have personally experienced the feeling of having someone walk up to you and say "you changed my life", its hard to explain. Lets just say its a feeling no amount of money could ever buy and we are both addicted to this feeling of helping others and glad to have it be our primary motivation.

That does not mean we are not active ebay and Amazon sellers, we still continue to keep evolve and grow to better help our online auction business, our students and friends. We speak at events on our findings, Adam and I have been able to teach and speak in 17 different countries around the world. All across Europe, Asia and Australia, teaching people the power of eBay & Amazon. Hopefully we will get a chance to meet you some day, and maybe even have you be one of those "you changed my life" comments we love so much.

Here at the Online Auction Learning Center our goal is to provide the
best customer support, training & user experience in the online auction educational space. We aim to inspire, help grow & provide
all the necessary tools for our student's success.

The Online Auction Learning Center's Core Values

#1: To be the best online auction education company in the world
#2: Our students' success is our success
#3: To provide the best customer experience possible
#4: Strive to reach every single one of our students, allowing them the ability to create a balance in all areas of their life
#5: To change as many students' lives for the better as possible



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